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  39 мес. назад

If I won R100,000 I would...

Dear members,

Happy Thursday! It is almost the weekend which is enough reason to smile today!

Here is a question for you all: what would you do with R100,000 worth of points?

Create topics with #TolunaCredit and tell us how you would spend the money! Every good topic (title, content text, photo or video) will receive 500 points!

If I were to win this amount in Toluna points, I would redeem my points on PayPal and enjoy a nice trip around southern Europe, visiting different cities. I would not be spending the money on fancy things like 5 star hotels or fine dining, but instead I would use the money on travel expenses and visitng monuments. I would also buy lots of clothes because...who doesn't love clothes?

Now that you have heard mine, it's your turn - what are you waiting for? ;)

Enjoy - I can't wait to see all of your topics!


  39 мес. назад
I'll spoil my kids and myself then start my beauty business
0 комментарии


  39 мес. назад
first my childrens school fees my household my wife after that i can look after my community as well
0 комментарии


  39 мес. назад
Id start up my tattoo business.
0 комментарии


  39 мес. назад
I would buy myself cloth and my family member too. I can buy a grocery different staffs.
0 комментарии


  39 мес. назад
I would paid up my house
0 комментарии


  39 мес. назад
it will change my life and my children can have better life and will make me clear on debt
0 комментарии


  39 мес. назад
Honestly? I don' t think R100 000 is worth that much. If i won R100 000 I would invest! In a couple of years it could grow so so much :)
0 комментарии


  39 мес. назад
If I won R100,000 oh my gosh! Finally i will be able to get out of my sister's small house because am pretty sure she wants the whole place to herself, i'll definitely leave her house and find myself a place i could call my own, there's nothing that could make me happy than having my own place with my baby girl.
0 комментарии


  39 мес. назад
If I won R100 000 I would definitely pay off all my debt and Invest the remaining for my children's education
0 комментарии


  39 мес. назад
If I won R100 000 in points, I would make sure my son's fees are paid up to date and paid ahead. With him having Autism, I cannot afford to have him asked to leave school because of unpaid fees.
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