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  35 мес. назад

July Movie Results are in - share your review!

Hello Influencers!

You voted and we got the results! The movie up for review this month is……Bohemian Rhapsody!

Below shows how to participate and possibly earn up to a total of 6,000 points!

1- Write a review for the selected movie that is at least 150 words which is about 9 lines in a paragraph

2- Post the review in a comment to this topic

3- If you write a review that is at least 150 words, we will give you 1000 points to your account *

4- Check out the upcoming Toluna Magazine, the July issue and see if you got featured in the pages! If you got featured you will get an extra 5000 points!

Let the Movie Club Begin!

*Note- in order to get the points you must submit your review by Thursday, July 11th.


  34 мес. назад
I thoroughly enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody and here's why.First of all, I thought that the beginning was powerful.Freddie Mercury coming on stage to deliver his best theatrical, musical moment.I'm currently studying minimalist photography and the zooming effect of the beginning of the movie was just a blast to watch! I actually saw the Live Aid concert and was blown away how genuine it was! The wardrobes, the acting, the chemistry between the actors.I was forced into liking Queen when I was 12 years old.My family and I went to a family neighbor and Queen music was blasting in this person's home.There were Queen posters everywhere! I was not a fan at that time because I was bombarded with Queen.I am 51 years old and right now I am the biggest Queen fan!What I also like about the movie is how the music will make a comeback and will introduce a whole bunch of new young fans.I'm actually jealous of these people who will hear these amazing masterpieces for the first time.Even if you are not a fan of the band, there is something for everybody in this film.Rami Malek was also a superb choice to play Freddie.
1 комментарии


  34 мес. назад
I am not isually a person who watches. Biographies or musical preformance style movies but here i was watching this movie based on the band Queen and Freddie Mercurys past and lofe story.
I must say that i wasnt a fan of the movie " Bohemian Rhapsody" in my perspective kind of dragged on and didnt seem to pinpoint the actual struggles of Freddie Mercury as i would have thought that it would outline. I actually fell asleep part way through the movie and ended up waking up as the credits were rolling across my screen.
I would not recommend this movie personally.
1 комментарии


  34 мес. назад
Bohemian Rhapsody was a great movie! I really enjoyed the music and was interested to learn about the history of the group. I watched 'A Star in Born' before seeing this movie and felt that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper did a better job carrying that movie than Remi Malick did in this one. I was saddened to learn about the story and/or relationship between him and his wife. I liked that the group was close and took care of each other. It was easy to get lost in the movie and forget that you were watching actors and not the actual member of the band Queen. I really enjoyed the was nice to have a new memory of Queen's music, taking it back from Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey, a la Wayne's World!! Worth the money...see it in the theater..
1 комментарии


  34 мес. назад
Would Farrokh Bulsara approve of the movie made about his life with his band Queen? Queen, the movie … It’s a great watch to discover the music of an incredible band and the unique voice that was the lead singer. It covers the humble beginnings of a strange man who follows his heart and works his way to the top of a world of music and Hollywood showmanship. Many of us only know the songs played on retro radio stations, but we don’t know about the fight it took Freddy Mercury and his fellow band members Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon to get there. Freddy faced many personal demons, getting involved in drugs, alcohol and relationships with men that would lead him to feel hallow and empty. He forgot about those who were his family and eventually left the band for a solo career. Through the movie we experience theses ups and downs with him, the pain of this family and friends and the wonderful reunion that was possible in time for Live Aid. The band’s songs are wonderfully set to master the emotions in the film and the movie ends at one of the band’s greatest moments.
1 комментарии


  34 мес. назад
In 1970, Farrokh Bulsara, a British student of Parsi origin who works transporting luggage at Heathrow airport, goes to a nightclub to see a local band called Smile. After the presentation, Farrokh meets guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, and offers himself to be the band's new vocalist after the departure of his singer and bassist Tim Staffell. With the arrival of bassist John Deacon, the band (now known as Queen) plays in small places around England until they decide to sell their truck to produce their debut album. Their musical style allows them a contract with EMI Records. At the same time, Farrokh changes his name to Freddie Mercury and begins a relationship with Mary Austin. During the first tour of the band by the United States, Freddie begins to have doubts about his sexuality.
In 1975, Queen recorded her album A Night at the Opera, but decided to leave EMI executive Ray Foster when he refused to publish the six-minute song "Bohemian Rhapsody" as the album's first single. Freddie makes Capital Radio DJ Kenny Everett make the song debut by airing it. Despite having mixed reviews, "Bohemian Rhapsody" becomes a massive success. Shortly after giving Mary an engagement ring, they end their relationship when Freddie reveals that she is bisexual. He begins a relationship and labor with Paul Prenter, the second representative of the band.
1 комментарии


  34 мес. назад
Bohemian Rhapsody is a fun movie that showcases some of the most beloved songs of the band Queen, but also reveals the life of Queen’s front man Freddie Mercury and the struggles he went through over the years with exploring his sexuality, the pressures of drugs and alcohol as well as dealing with his diagnosis of AIDS. Bohemian Rhapsody is a great movie to sing along to with friends and family, even revealing to me songs that I was familiar with but never knew were Queen songs. Rami Malek plays legendary frontman Freddie Mercury, perfectly stepping inside his skin, giving us an amazing performance that I think Freddie would be proud of. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who loves the songs but also for those who might not be familiar with the songs or Queen. I guarantee they would fall in love with them after watching this movie.
1 комментарии


  34 мес. назад
Bohemian Rhapsody is a fun movie and an entertaining popcorn flick, but is so incredibly poorly made that it actively makes itself hard to watch. Due to the influence of members of the band in the shooting process, a certain amount of screen time was mandated for each band member based on how much screen time Freddie Mercury had. This leads to a massive amount of cuts that only serve to confuse the viewer by making conversation hard to follow and blocking incredibly difficult to grasp. Even with this holding it down, Rami Malek singlehandedly elevates this movie. As always, his performance is stellar, and every second of his screentime, even when poorly shot, is worth watching. If you ever need a movie to put on in the background of the party, this is it; an obviously killer soundtrack and Rami's performance serve well as bite-size entertainment in a busy environment.
1 комментарии


  34 мес. назад
This was a great movie. I am not a huge fan of Queen, but I do enjoy their music, so I thought I would try it out. I grew up listening to them because my older brother was a big fan. It was really neat to watch the movie and experience the real life side of them. The casting was great - really made us believe that the story was real. Seemed like it was the real people. Made it feel much more personal. The music was amazing. Really portrayed their fame in their greatest hits. They have so many great songs. The classics are all there! Brought back a lot of memories.These are songs that will never fade. I like how they didn't sugar coat the life issues and problems. It is great to see that they showed the real story - no matter how sad and heartbreaking. I would give it 2 thumbs up - definitely worth the watch.
1 комментарии


  34 мес. назад
Seriously, Bohiemian Rhapsody is one of up the most uplifting, feel good movies that I have seen in quite a while. This is a band that wrote so many really great and epic rock and roll songs or anthems really, of our time. Freddy Mercury was a genius and a rock and roll icon. The acting by everyone was top notch but I felt that the lead playing Freddy Mercury really became him for the film. It was almost spooky. He embodied the man from head to toe. It was so amazing that you almost forgot that it was a movie sometimes and thought that you were watching the real guy on screen. I do understand that some people felt that it was a little tame as far as his personal life was concerned, but I felt it really showed his talent to the absolute best. The guy was a musical and entertaining genius and the acting was so superb, I would recommend this little powerhouse of a film to anyone who loved rocking out to Quuen music in their youth or even in the present.
1 комментарии


  34 мес. назад
Queen is one of the greatest bands of time. They wrote so many epic tunes. Bohemian rhapsody is one of the best rock and roll biopics ever. Queen is rock and metal. Freddy is a legend. He was played perfectly by Robby. Absolutely incredible performance. He didn't even see robby all you saw was freddy. The voice of the people. The music is timeless. Some of the best songs ever. Mike myers was great in it. So many amazing scenes that stand out. Five star film. I loved it. Queen is the best.
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