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  14 мес. назад

Should underage rapists be treated as adult rapists?

Germany is shocked.

5 teenagers raped an 18-year-old in a forest in the city of Mülheim. Most of the attackers were released home because of their young age.

Neighbors saved her. The couple who lived near the playground and the forest were disturbed by the dog's nervous behavior. Around 2 pm they decided to check the area and in the bushes behind the house, they found a young woman and 2 teenagers who escaped after seeing the intruders.

The victim was taken to hospital. The 18-year-old later confessed to the police that she had been dragged into bushes and raped by 5 teenagers much younger than her. The officers stopped and questioned the alleged attackers in a short time.

2 of them are only 12 years old!!!

The other 3 are 14-year-olds. 2 younger suspects were released after hearing them released to their homes. The next 2 were released after a night spent in custody. Their families are now in constant contact with the youth care office.

Do you think they should be dealt with as adult rapists?

I think if they are old enough to do such brutal thing they should also be able to take punishment just as every adult rapist.


  14 мес. назад
0 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
0 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
I am willing to bet these are not native German kids because they do not break the rules in Germany. The young men will be from another country or culture which has taught them to disrespect women and their parents should be held equally responsible for their behaviour. The young men should be treated with the full force of the law.
2 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
Yes they should. If they knew they couldn’t take the punishment don’t commit a crime. This is a serious crime
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
Yes, it should. That is serious crime.
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
everyOne should have a 2nd Chance inLife. DoWeWantToDestroyMoreLifesOr FixWhat isLeftOfThem?well,I'm saying thisBecause it'sNotWith my daughter,because if it Was,I WouldWantThemDead.
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
Yes the seriousness of the crime needs it to be looked on the same level and treatment regardless of age
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
Yes, they should! They understand very well what they are doing
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
yes 100%
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
now thats quite a contraversial question. if a rapist is 15 then he/she knows exactly what they are doing. I dont think they should be treated any different to an adult rapist
1 комментарии
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