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  12 мес. назад

Kyoto | Arson attack at an animation studio

Officials have reported at least 23 people died during an arson attack at Kyoto Animation studios, in Kyoto, Japan. This happened on Thursday morning local time.

The police say they have found and detained the suspect who put this in the act. A 41-year-old man has supposedly used petrol by spreading it around the building of the animation studio and run away afterward. While running away, the suspect even injured himself, leaving a trail of bloodstains, this is what has been said by some witnesses. Another thing that has been witnessed is the man shouting “drop dead!” while setting the building on fire.

According to some researches, it seems there is no connection at all between this individual and the animation studio. In fact, in the beginning, it has been thought that this act may have been due to some repercussions against the studio itself.

Before the fire engulfed the whole building there was a big explosion that inevitably attracted the attention of the whole neighborhood.

It was reported that at the moment of the fire starting there were at least 70 people in the building. Several of them have been hospitalized, with some in critical conditions.

Kyoto Animation was founded in 1981 and has produced popular animation shows such as “Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu”, “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”, “Kanon”, “Lucky Star”, “K-On!”, “Tamako Market”, “Beyond the Boundary”, “Free! Eternal Summer”, “Violet Evergarden” which was even distributed worldwide through Netflix and a standalone feature anime “A Silent Voice”. The studio is also known as KyoAni. The studio is also known for paying its animators a regular salary, going against the industry's standard of paying per frame which is seen as putting extreme pressure on them.

People reacted on social media expressing their shock and sharing their thoughts about what happened. In parallel with this has also been started a GoFundMe campaign called "Help KyoAni Heal" which raised more than $100.000 in its first few hours.

What do you think about these kinds of events happening? Do you believe it’s a grim inclination the society has been getting because of the high general discontent? Or it’s because we have been exposed too much to violence, even in daily life, at the point to be us perpetrating it?

Maybe it’s just the genetical inclination of some individuals in this world, through which they can get pleasure just by causing harm to others. If so, how do you think a condition like this can be cured? Or there could ever be a definitive cure to this?

Any reason for causing any kind of harm to others should not be welcomed or justified. We all share the same world and we are under the same sky, so we should learn more how to love each other and solve any possible discontent differently, rather than causing pain, which in the end leads nowhere.

Speak your mind!
You have the power to influence your world in better. And from a great power like this come great responsibilities.

Toluna Team


  12 мес. назад
I think that constant exposing to violence form the screens that people get from a very young age contributes a lot to these actions of individuals. Just look at most computer games - shooting, killing, etc... What is the purpose of these games?
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  12 мес. назад
Why?, l dont understand it,
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  12 мес. назад
This is so horrendous. Innocent people being killed for god knows what reason... Its just heartbreaking. So much violence in this world... We need to change a lot in out world.
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  12 мес. назад
This is so sad and frightening ....Where are people safe anymore ....Thoughts with families and Friends who lost their lives in this atrocity
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  12 мес. назад
It is such a big shock to see something like this. I just wonder what is the main reason to do something like that if that person didn't say anything negative. Maybe for fun but this is ridiculous and it is not a small thing. Only reason it could be some fight between the people in the studio. But this act is not approved.
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  12 мес. назад
This is shocking, why do such an act. I always wonder how these people carry out such acts with lives, innocent lives are taken away. It is needless. I hope those responsible are punished.
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