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On Tuesday, 5th of November, Norwegian tax authorities allowed citizens to consult the 2018 income of their neighbours, colleagues or any other acquaintances. After entering the personal identification number, the data is directly accessible online.

Beginning at 7 am on Tuesday, tax authorities made available part of these records. In line with their transparency principles, the tax Office released documents relating to incomes made in 2018 were made available to all.

Residents must log on to the tax website to access this data. Despite the transparency, two limits have been put in place: no more than 500 searches per month and being over 16 years old.

The poorest and richest targeted? Since 2014, research is no longer anonymous since the persons targeted by research are informed. Before that, some applications would have appeared allowing you to consult the income of your friends on Facebook, or even geolocalising the biggest fortunes in a certain sector. The children of less well-off parents would have been the target of mockery.

Since the beginning of the year, the risk of abuse has reappeared, particularly since the kidnapping of the wife of one of the country's wealthiest men, who had received a ransom request when his wife had disappeared. But some journalists' syndicates are concerned about limiting the principle of transparency through new restrictions.

What do you think of this transparency?

Would you like if your income was made public?

Tell us in the comments!

Influence your world,

The Toluna Team


  10 мес. назад
I would hate this if it was used in my country. There's no reason for my neighbours to know my personal information. I don't think 500 searches per month is a restriction so it seems a rather pointless thing to be put in place.
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  10 мес. назад
No chance.
0 комментарии


  10 мес. назад
Can't see any good reason for this, not beneficial to anyone.
0 комментарии


  10 мес. назад
No I wouldn’t it’s no ones business than my own
0 комментарии


  10 мес. назад
I run a business from home. I also have a lot of competitors in the local area. I also have nosey neighbours that are not loyal to any of the competitors that they visit for similar services. This would be a nightmare for me.
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  10 мес. назад
The only person who has the right to know your income is you and maybe your spouse. What use is knowing what your neighbours earn anyway.
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  10 мес. назад
I would not like my neighbours to know my income as it’s really nothing to do with them.
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  10 мес. назад
No way is it anyone's business but mine my grown up children don't know my income and I don't know theirs
0 комментарии


  10 мес. назад
Absolutely none of anyone else’s business.
0 комментарии


  10 мес. назад
No its my business not for general public knowledge
0 комментарии
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