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  8 мес. назад

Human trafficking | 629 Pakistani women sold to marry Chinese men

Over the past two years, over 600 girls from the most vulnerable parts of Pakistan have been sold as brides to Chinese men and taken to China. Pakistani investigators determined to stop the human trafficking networks in the impoverished and vulnerable country, compiled a list from The Associated Press with the most exact figures to date, 629 girls.

As of 2018, this is the exact figure to date of the number of women trapped in human trafficking schemes in Pakistan. However, investigators' aggressive efforts against trafficking networks have come to a considerable halt. Those close to the investigation believe that the Pakistani government is under a lot of pressure and fears its relationships with China could suffer.

In October, a court in Faisalabad convicted 31 Chinese citizens on charges of human trafficking, which was believed to be the most extensive human trafficking network. Several women initially interviewed by police refused to testify because they were threatened or bribed to stay silent, a judicial officer and a police investigator familiar with the case explained.

At the same time, the government has tried to cut investigations by pressuring the Federal Investigation Agency officials who pursue trafficking networks. The media has been pressured to not speak about it, but how's it possible that Pakistanis relationships with China are more important than these young girls' futures?

In 2019, you can still “purchase” a bride online - why do you think little to nothing has been done to stop these unethical practices?

Would the legalisation of prostitution decrease the number of women involved in human trafficking?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Team Toluna


  8 мес. назад
This has happened because of China's strict policy of one child families of which boys were the preferred sex,they have now decided that this was not a good idea and are allowing parents to have more than one child,a little too late for the huge percentage of 30plusyear old men,with no women of there own age to marry.Obviously this human trafficking on a big scale and should be stopped,but we are dealing with a poor country against a rich one
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  8 мес. назад
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  8 мес. назад
Sadly, you appear to be talking about 2 countries who seem to have no ethics or concerns about human life !
You mention Prostitution; this sale of human flesh is not even in the same league !
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  8 мес. назад
Chine is one of the worst countries on the planet when it comes to human rights they put no value on women what so ever and restrict parents to one child usually a bo, its common sense to me that there are not enough girls to go around seen as they abort baby girls in favour of boys it is ridiculous the balance is completely out . Pakistan to dont vallue their women in fact islam on a whole treat its women worse than it treats animal so it comes as no surprise to me. So I suppose there isnt a hope at all of getting to the bottom of it. Also I have Pakistani friends who told me that Pakistan is a very corrupt country so the poor girls dont stand a chance.
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  8 мес. назад
In impoverished countries , a person is seen as a commodity , to be bought and sold . This isn't restricted to Pakistan , as I've read stories like this for decades . Will it change ? I doubt it .
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  8 мес. назад
Pakistan doesnt have a great record on Womens Rights (forced/child marriages, FGM, little access to divorce or legal protection, domestic violence rates). China widely flout/ignore Human Rights Laws
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  8 мес. назад
I personally don't think Pakistan should allow these girls to go to China..
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  8 мес. назад
I suppose this is an unforeseen consequence of China's 'one child only' policy. Everyone wanted boys and either aborted or otherwise 'got rid' of girls and there is now a shortage of Chinese girls for all these young Chinese men to marry.
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  8 мес. назад
I guess in some countries the authorities are overwhelmed with issues so do not deal with everything!!!
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  8 мес. назад
its dreadful what these poor girls have to go through,some as young as 11yrs old being married ,abused and being made to have babies,more must be done to help these young women,its just terrible .
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