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  29 мес. назад

February Movie Results are in - share your review!

Hello Influencers!

You voted and we got the results! The movie up for review this month is The Notebook!

Below shows how to participate and possibly earn up to a total of 6,000 points!

1- Write a review for the selected movie that is at least 125 words which is about 7 lines in a paragraph

2- Post the review in a comment to this topic

3- If you write a review that is at least 125 words, we will give you 1,000 points to your account *

4- Check out the upcoming Toluna Magazine, the February issue and see if you got featured in the pages! If you got featured you will get an extra 5,000 points!

You have until February 9th to submit your review. Let the Movie Club Begin!

*Note- you will get your points after the magazine for February is released


  29 мес. назад
The Notebook is a classic love story for our generation. Noah takes the viewer on a journey back in time as he recounts the history of his epic romance. Set in 1940's America, viewers are entertained with beautiful scenery, sets, costumes, and music from days gone by. Throughout the movie, viewers are reminded that genteel southern aristocracy is not nearly as beautiful as we would like to think. Never the less, viewers will fall in love with the passion and innocence of Noah's love for Allie. It's a timeless romance that almost any couple can relate to, no matter what phase of life they are in. It's a must see romantic movie for all.
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  29 мес. назад
The Notebook is a fine movie based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. The story takes place in the United States in the supposedly genteel state of South Carolina. The time setting is the 1940's. It is an age old story of young love with parents trying to keep the two love birds apart. The story is actually a flashback recollection from the main male character, Noah. This is a nice story which shows that true love never dies. I won't spoil it by telling you who Noah speaks to throughout the film. Class and wealth strife is the main reason the love story is so dramatic. Sadly, the obstacles these kids face in the story is still very prevalent in society. People make judgements on others due to outside factors and not by looking at what the person actually offers as just a human being. Like Romeo and Juliet this story ends in a tear filled heap giving us great sadness but also heart breaking story of loves endurance.
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  29 мес. назад
the upper classs and the poor kid . the movie is one i can watch over and over she leaves because her parents move her he writes to her every day for a year she never gets a letter she crys every nite to sleep thinking he really didnt love her he goes off to war with his friend his friend dies and he comes back to live with his dad he buys the house he promised he would and fixes it up hes mad at her so he puts it up for sale then goes crazy if he gets offers ,, the house is reviewed and in the paper as she is in town buying her wedding dress to the snob of a guy that her parents want her to marry she sees the review of the house he promised he promised to buy and fix up so she goes to see him finds out thats hes always loved her and her mother had hid the letters she ends up staying with him and marring him and they have children the movie progresses shes in a nursing home as hes there with her he has a heart attack she has alheimerizeers and he reads to her she wrote in the book he reads to her read to me ill will come back ..the movie gets closer to the end but this is a must see must buy movie to watchh over n over
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  29 мес. назад
For starters a great movie. I luv the plot and story behind this movies very interesting and eye appealing 4 sure. In my opinion I loved how the movie point out the love of two teens that was from different side of the track in which each is completely different from the other. The girl comes from a rich background while the guy comes from ur typically working middle class family. All in all, a very good movie that I would recommend to anybody to go watch.
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  29 мес. назад
I believe this movie to be one of the best love stories of all times. In fact, it was one of these movies that although it could be watched over and over and over again. I had to take time before I could watch it again because it's such a classic. The acting in it was just awesome. And it was so moving. There's just really no words that I can explain this movie. I know that I just really really really did enjoy it a lot. It's one of those once-in-a-lifetime kind of movies. I guess is what I'm trying to say. She was kind to her. He was excited to see her. He missed her when she was gone. It covered just about everything that I could possibly think of in a true love story. It's that one love story that we all wish that we could have in our own lives.
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  29 мес. назад
Much can be said about ‘The Notebook’. 125 words won’t cover it. A true-to-life triumphant yet tragic romance. The chemistry on screen between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is truly what makes this movie shine! Not to mention James Garner and Gena Rowland’s chemistry- also phenomenal. This movie was wonderfully cast and wonderfully scripted. A unique treasure all its own.
Truly a bucket-list movie; male or female. I’m a female, and not at all your “chick-flick“ type. However, this movie brought me to actual tears. Memories of my own lost love from many years ago... see it with an open mind... and open heart. You will not be sorry for the time spent. It will open your mind to what true love is about. Not leaving the love of your life’s side no matter what. Can this be found only in the movies? Possibly. Although we can always hold out hope. What else do we have? ‘The Notebook’ points out the love between two teens from different “sides of the tracks” so to speak. Tragedy all around in this film. Simply heartbreaking. Don’t get me wrong, there are high points, but very sad low points. Fantastic movie.
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  29 мес. назад
The Notebook is one of the best love stories of all time and is based on a novel by the same name by Nicolas Sparks first published in 1996. The story has been told on the big screen a number of different times but the message itself seems timeless. The Notebook is about a how true love between two people can endure and flourish both in good times and in bad. I find the movie to very heart warming and emotionally draining at times especially towards the end.
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  29 мес. назад
Love The Notebook - perfect romantic movie to watch with your significant other!
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  29 мес. назад
The Notebook is based from the novel of the same name. I watched the movie when it first came out and fell in love with it as much as Noah and Allie loved eachother. It was very heart warming seeing a man loving a woman so much that he did everything to get her back. Unlike in most romantic movie they just show all the good in a relationship, this movie shows that real couples do fight and disagree but still make up at the end of the day. And no matter what, if it's true love than it will always find a way back. I believe every girl would what a love like Allie and Noah had. It will always be one of my top favorite romantic movies.
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  29 мес. назад
The Notebook is a tale classic as time about two lovers from different worlds. The girl is from a rich family while the guy is from a working family. Naturally, they share an intense connection, which is forbidden by the girl's parents. I like how the movie shows the way the couple interact and how they get along. They share similarities despite coming from different backgrounds. They have hopes and dreams, even when it wasn’t possible for the guy to realize his dreams. The movie makes you think about what makes a person, whether it be nature or nurture. You question if we are destined to live the same lives our parents did, or do we create our own fate? The movie shifts between the past and the present, but you initially think the story about the couple is just a story. You wonder why the story of the couple is so important and significant to the storyteller. As an audience member you may also wonder how the story of the romantic couple could possibly be relevant to you. Throughout the movie the characters must make choices that could affect their entire future and happiness. The movie reflects the expectations of life. It explores the different pathways people take in love, marriage, money, career, and retirement. These are decisions that drive our every motivation and action in life in the pursuit of happiness. The movie is based on a true story. The setting takes place in the 1940s, a time where I am sure the choice between love and wealth was much more significant than today, but you may find yourself in a similar situation. The themes of the film are more relevant than you think and that is why it is such a good and classic film.
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