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  28 мес. назад

#MyVoice - Topic Creation Contest

During this important month, we would love to hear what you have to say about women, on any topic that matters to you. 

To participate in this special contest, you may write about:

a. Women’s challenges and opportunities in your home country
b. Women breaking the conventions 
c. How to make women's voice heard?
d. Gender equality
f. Your female hero.
g. Your own story or experience
h. Or any other topic about women that you would like to discuss !


1. Create a topic

Write your story and post it in a topic in the community using the #MyVoice hashtag

2. Add a photo

Don't forget to add a photo or video to illustrate your topic

3. Choose your category

Make sure to choose the ""News"" category when you post your topic


The best 5 topics will win 10,000 points each and one winner will get his/her post featured on our newsletter!

Good luck!
Toluna Team


  28 мес. назад
I want partisipet this contest .
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  28 мес. назад
it took me a long time to serve as a countrymen but when I saw my mother , I think that women's are most powerful that we thought,its about changing a way in country and changing a world
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  28 мес. назад
women are great
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  28 мес. назад
My Story--Blessed Woman ?
I crossed 55 autumns of my life. And at this stage I feel, life is still full of hardships and struggle.
Nothing is easy and opportunities rarely come. I noticed maximum people miss these opportunities.
Those people are blessed people, who get everything in their life and satisfied with their life. But I am not that type of Blessed Person. I am not satisfied with my life. I am just spending life.
I am educated women but not successful in making my career.
I did job and even started own work but got married and left everything. Even I got nothing with my married life. My husband lost his money and profession before marriage and suffering from a disease, which I didn't know. I compromised and started adjustment. After a period, I bonded with him and he and his family started giving me love and respect both because in his family I am the person who is up-to-date with digital world.
I am married but childless. I did late marriage due to some reasons and as a result I am without child.
I love my both families --Parental family and In-làws family. I love them a lot and can do sacrifices for betterment of them but I knew that they are busy with their responsibilities and involved in them. Although they feel bad for me and I knew they are also not spending a very good life. I knew that they can't support me with money but time to time they give me suggestions for my better ment.
I always feel that I am empty handed I have to die one day but I am not depressed. This is truth of the life.
After a brief sketch of my life I think I should ask some questions?
Why women are emotional?
Why world treat them as weak creature?
How can they change men dominating world, when they are bonded with love and emotion?
Should a woman be selfish?
No, I think I am strengthen with Love, Attachment, Bondings, Carefulness, Courage to mould the situations, Power of pure heart, Power of sacrifice, Power of moving on the right path, Faith on self, Doing good for everyone. Faith on God, who created me for a purpose.
I can change the world and my life.
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  28 мес. назад
Yes very strong # womenday
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  28 мес. назад
remember working whole day without a single penny #Womensday
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  28 мес. назад
Women means everything
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  28 мес. назад
without women no world
0 комментарии


  28 мес. назад
Wonderful topic !
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  28 мес. назад
please support womens as women are organisms which is full of energy and alway do sacrifise
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