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  28 мес. назад

What Impact Has The Coronavirus Had On Your Day-To-Day Activities?

While we are still going to the gym every day, we are much more diligent with washing our hands and using the wipes on the equipment before and after using the equipment. And today I told someone who had used the treadmill next to me and walked away without cleaning the machine that they needed to wipe it down so that the next person didn't run the risk of getting sick. I usually don't say anything but there are signs posted all over the facility reminding people to wipe the equipment.


  28 мес. назад
None, we are not worried, trust God to keep us safe.
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  28 мес. назад
Nothing yet, because I live in Edmonton ,Alberta.
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  28 мес. назад
So far none, but they are closing everything bit by bit so maybe next week it will impact me.
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  28 мес. назад
Wow, I went to the gym yesterday and brought my own supply of wipes. It's so gross when people don't sanitize - before the coronavirus and during the coronavirus.
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  28 мес. назад
not much, really. I'm always cautious around this time of year or when there's any bug going around, since I have a chronic illness and a terrible immune system as a result...but we still went grocery shopping,and got coffee etc. we just make sure to wash our hands and try to be more mindful about touching our faces while we're out.
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