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  27 мес. назад

Are morals and ethics irrelevant in sport?

As hundreds more companies furlough employees amid the current economic downfall, thousands more workers are concerned - bringing to light again the great income disparity that exists between those who are “essential” and “non-essential” players in a business.

In sports, it’s a seemingly familiar scenario, those at the top will continue to receive their six-figure salaries and bonuses while those towards the bottom will be hit most. It’s thought that Premier League clubs and their players have a moral duty to forego their salaries during the pandemic, if only to to protect non-playing staff, who also play key roles in keeping clubs afloat.

It highlights again the bizarre economics and notoriously high earnings of those in English football and those of many other Western countries as well as the abuse and profiteering of furlough schemes at any given chance.

Some clubs see their chief executives, directors and managers taking significant voluntary payouts at the cost of the taxpayer, while continuing to pay footballers in excess of £100,000 per week.

Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United and Norwich City are some of the clubs that are seeking public money to pay their employees, while continuing to pay certain players its regular eye-watering salaries, reports Sports Mail.

Speaking of the fiasco, Julian Knight, the chair of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee added: “What sticks in the throat is to see players at home collecting large sums of money while relying on taxpayers to meet 80 per cent [of salaries under the furlough scheme.] That strikes me as morally wrong and not what the furlough scheme is for.”

Should footballers continue to receive their ridiculously high salaries while others rely on public money to receive their salaries?

Do you think football fans should receive a refund for their season tickets despite all matches being cancelled/postponed until further notice?

Would you agree that this is a misuse of a furloughing scheme?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


  26 мес. назад
I don't think so.They shouldn't get paid that much.
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  26 мес. назад
I’ve always felt it to be disgraceful that we pay high ranking players such high wages. Entertainment should never have a higher wage bracket than those who hold up our country such as medical workers, lorry drivers, shop workers, warehouse workers...well you get my drift. At no time like the present should this wage disparity come to an end, it’s a disgrace to the sport, the country and yes even the economy.
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  26 мес. назад
They earn obnoxious amounts of money for very little value in my opinion. I don't reckon kicking an inflated pigs bladder around a field is worth the multi-million paychecks that these guys bring home every month, especially when other trades add so much more value our world - engineers, doctors, nurses, scientists and others are worth so much more!
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  26 мес. назад
Maybe it will
0 комментарии


  26 мес. назад
No way! Reasonable living wage and use mortgage/loan breaks like everyone else with commitments!
0 комментарии


  26 мес. назад
Footballers are 'paid' six figure salaries, but there is no way they can 'earn' that much.
0 комментарии


  26 мес. назад
Absolutely not. It's shameful that such high earners - who are not working at all currently - continue to draw staggering salaries. The recent offer to defer (not give up) a small part of their salaries is even worse - a failed PR exercise that shows contempt for supporters and the smaller clubs who desperately need their support (and where all these 'stars' started). They are just spoiled overgrown toddlers who won't share their toys and this will be remembered. this goes for the club directors and owners too.
1 комментарии


  26 мес. назад
We have just seen a 99 year old ex soldier make £12 million plus for the NHS. Footballers could have done this in 10 minutes. Perhaps some did donate a considerable amount but won't say anything because of "modesty". There is no way on this earth that the government should be paying footballers wages. 1%. of a footballers wages for a month would probably pay a nurse for a year or more.
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  26 мес. назад
I think they should have pay cut off and all ticket bought by fans there money should be return to them
0 комментарии


  26 мес. назад
Yes I do think this is misuse of the furlough scheme. There should perhaps be a cut off for high earners. I do also think people should receive a refund on anything they have purchased which has been cancelled.
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