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  22 мес. назад

Happy Hour on Toluna!

Hey Influencers!

We have a special program to offer you today. It's HAPPY HOUR on the Toluna Community from 2pm to 11pm!

Comment on our topic by choosing one of our “specials” from our happy hour menu. Write at least 4 lines about the special you chose to get bonus points! But remember, you must do it during the happy hour time frame.

Happy Hour Specials:

Your favorite season | 100 points
Favorite summer drink | 200 points
Your Favorite Summer Activity | 300 points

Are you ready?

Toluna Team


  22 мес. назад
My favorite summer is hanging out with friends and working in my yard. My friends and I love to grill out, go canoeing and hang out at the beach. This summer has been a bit depressing since I pinched a nerve in my back in April that’s made working in my yard impossible.
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  22 мес. назад
Love ice tea and lemonade
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  22 мес. назад
My Favorite Summer Activity Is Planting Flowers And Veggies! I Have Several Spots To Plant In, And Plenty Of Spots To Hang My Flowing Flower Baskets! They Bring Comfort And Joy To Everyone Who Encounters Them! I Love Watching Everything Grow And Change Until They Are All Mature! It Really Teaches You To Be Patient! The End Results Are Phenomenal!
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  22 мес. назад
My favorite season is the Summer. Enjoy the Sun being up till 8:00 PM.
My favorite drink is Cole Green Tea. Good for my health.
My favorite Summer activity is gardening. I enjoy growing all sorts of healthy vegetables and fruits. Especially now that Covid-19 pandemic is going on, I prefer eating home grown fruits and vegetables over having to go out to the store and buy them not knowing what they have been around in transit. .
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  22 мес. назад
My favorite season here in Phoenix is Spring, because that is when the weather is best and there's more happening. That's the best time of year to be here (Summer is way too hot and you can't stay outside long without risking some serious problems). My favorite happy hour drink is going to be Long Island Tea, because that's a phase I seem to be going through right now. As for summer activities, leaving Phoenix for a while is my favorite. Get somewhere with a beach, that's not so dang hot, and order some drinks!
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  22 мес. назад
MY favorite season is fall, my favorite drink in the summer is ice tea
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  22 мес. назад
Favorite Season is Fall
Favorite summer drink is Lemonade Slushie
Favorite Summer Activity is food truck night downtown on the square
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  22 мес. назад
My favorite summer activity is almost anything that will get me outside, even more so this years with the pandemic going on. I love to get up, before it gets hot and take a long walk. I love to be out in my garden,.even when it's just to pull weeds. We usually like to eat dinner outside and then just sit and talk and relax.
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  22 мес. назад
My favorite summer drink is margaritas. And the family favorite summer activity is going to the beach and visiting my mother. My favorite season however, by leaps and bounds is fall. I'm a huge Halloween fanatic so we go crazy for spooky season in our house.
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  22 мес. назад
My favorite summer activity is going to the beach, it’s also my favorite in the fall and spring. We go 3 times a year and each time stay 2 weeks in a condo.
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