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  3 мес. назад

Do you remove your footwear when going inside someone’s house?

Eversince pre-Covid days, we practiced removing our footwear everytime we enter our house. We use different sets of footwear inside and outside the house. I have read an article that the bottom of our shoes are dirtier than a toilet seat, and that’s just one reason we should take off our shoes before going inside the house. Bacteria lives on shoes longer than almost anywhere else, and that there’s a 90% chance whatever is on the shoes will transfer to the floor of the house. Some of our visitors also did the same once they see slippers outside the door but there are those who ignored it and still bring their shoes inside. I remembered one time that my husband got mad with one of my customers when he noticed that their shoes are wet and dirty but still wear it inside the house leaving the floor to be dirty. He scolded them by saying “parang wala kayong pinag-aralan a. Alam na ninyong ang dumi ng sapatos ninyo, ipapasok pa talaga ninyo e kitang kita naman ninyo na maraming sinelas sa labas. Ibig sabihin, inaalis namin ang sinelas.

During this pandemic, I became extra cautious in making sure that all footwear would be left outside whoever these belongs. All the shoes worn outside are kept outside until disinfected at night. I even post a sign on the door “Pakikialis po ang sinelas o sapatos bago pumasok ng bahay” so that I would not repeatedly remind it. We cannot see the virus and there is always a possibility that it could be carried by footwear inside our home. I have my granddaughter who always plays on the floor so I make sure that the floor is disinfected.

One time, one of my customers who happened to be a teacher, ignored the signage and still wear her shoes inside our house. I don’t say a thing and just give her a pair of slippers. The teacher said “okay lang po, bagong laba po naman itong sapatos ko”. Still Mam, inilakad na rin po ninyo iyan sa daanan at saka po hindi po ako talaga nagpapasok ng sinelas o sapatos na galing sa labas bilang pag-iingat. May apo po akong maliit pa at saka senior citizen po ako. Dalawa po kaming vulnerable dito sa bahay. Tapos, hindi po naman sa pag-aano e medyo marami na po ang nagpositive sa barangay ninyo unlike dito sa lugar namin na zero pa rin. Kaya po nag-iingat lang ako”, ang sabi ko.
Yet, the teacher still did not remove her shoes and instead said, “Mam Zoila, chat na lang po kita sa Messenger tungkol dito sa sadya ko” and leave our house. Later on, she insisted that we do business online so that she would not come to our house anymore. I just said sorry but it is one of my health protocols and no one can change it. For all I know, it is customary in other countries to leave slippers and shoes outside the door for hygiene purposes. Although the business would mean P10K gross income for me, I rejected the offer. Kahit paano, may prinsipyo naman ako. Ayaw mo sa patakaran ko, so be it. Health and safety of my family comes first.

In your case, would you be offended if someone asked you to remove your footwear upon entering the house?

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  3 мес. назад
Sometimes, they refused to take off my shoes or sandals but slippers of course I took it off. But I have experienced also taking off my shoes when I went to a friend's house.
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  3 мес. назад
Yes, Ate Zoila. Kaya I always make sure na my socks are not butas...nakakahiya to remove and see your toe is peeping...hahaha =)
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  3 мес. назад
of course, i do. thats what my mother taught me.
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  3 мес. назад
We do remove our shoes or slippers ate Zoila. :) It became a rule in our house too.
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  3 мес. назад
Baka po butas ung medyas kaya hindi tinanggal yun sapatos or di naman mabaho paa nya kaya yun hehe. I sometimes hesitate to come inside someone's home with my shoes on so I ask if it's ok and wouldnt be offended, in any way, if the owner asks me to leave it outside. Basta ba bayaran nya pag ninakaw sa labas haha
1 комментарии


  3 мес. назад
No problem with me if I remove my shoes before entering the house. I do that in our home and in my mother in laws house. If the owner of the house requires us to remove our shoes that is not a problem to me. We just have to respect each other’s house rules. In Japan, you are never allowed to bring your shoes inside the house. Some restaurants even require you to remove your shoes and they will give you some slippers.
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  3 мес. назад
Ofcourse not zoila, I would be more obliged to leave my footwear outside. It's also a good sign to show that I respect the owners of the house. Just imagine iniisis nila yang sahig pagkatapos papasok yun isang tao na di man lang naghubad ng suot na sapatos or tsinelas. Dalawa lang ibig sabihin kapag di nila ginawa ito either matigas ang ulo sa pagsunod dahil kulang sa breeding or mabaho ang paa..hahaha..ako I would loved to remove my shoes para naman makita nung may ari na bago akong pedicure at colorless nail polish ang gamit mo.. haha.. :D
1 комментарии

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