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  13 мес. назад

Are you happy to use online banking ?

I have to say, I'm fine with it . I've used it for just under 9 years , without a problem . The security of my account is quite reassuring . To access my accounts , there's a 3 stage log - in . Firstly, I need to enter my preliminary login , which is kept only in my head . Then comes my interstitial login , which is different every time . Of the 9 - part secondary login , I'm asked to drop down 3 random parts , say the 2nd , 5th and 8th . After doing all that , the final layer of security is a 6 digit code , sent by text to my mobile phone, which I then type in . Total time taken , about 3 minutes , which will do for me . Are you fine with online banking , or don't you trust it ?


  13 мес. назад
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  13 мес. назад
I have no problem with online banking, which I’ve used for maybe two decades. I do have issues with mobile banking. It may be OK but none of the banks will explain why it is. Here’s the problem. The mobile phone network was designed on the quaint idea that people would use it to make phone calls. And that meant the carrier needed to know who you were, to bill you, but you cared not one jot how your signal got to the intended recipient. Indeed the system depends on your not knowing. You don’t want your conversation interrupted every time you lock on to a different tower. Now imagine a hacker plants his own mast, which behaves just like any other: it passes data and speech between two people or systems, so no one is alerted to the threat. But he now has access to all traffic passing through his node. That’s OK if you use a VPN but how good is the standard encryption at that point? (That’s what the banks won’t tell me.)
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  13 мес. назад
Good and very comfortable
1 комментарии


  13 мес. назад
Yes, I’m fine with it all, secure and easy to use
1 комментарии


  13 мес. назад
I have used it for years and would not do anything else!
1 комментарии


  13 мес. назад
Yes, I have not had any noticeable problems using online banking.
1 комментарии


  13 мес. назад
I use an app with fingerprint login.
2 комментарии


  13 мес. назад
I'm still a bit wary of it mate but then I'm not so tech savvy as most folk.
3 комментарии


  13 мес. назад
I use both online banking (on a computer) and mobile apps (on my phone and tablet). I use the online banking less than I used to since that B awful two factor authentication started which may be more secure but is also a massive pain in the derrière. Like Survay12, my phone isn't always turned on or immediately to hand.
4 комментарии


  13 мес. назад
Yes I have no problem with it
1 комментарии
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