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  15 мес. назад

new phising scam doing the rounds

over the weekend i received a text message on my phone supposedly from paypal ,saying that there had been unusual activity on my paypal account ,and i had to go to the link and press 4 .This i did not do i got out my laptop and signed in to my paypal account ,knowing there would be no new notifications ,but i told paypal about this and gave them the phone number it came from ,i also blocked the number on my phone and deleted it ,So please be careful as i know a lot of members use paypal ,if you get this message do not press the link ,log into your paypal account and check .the day after hubby got one on his phone from 02 he is not and has never been with 02 and luckily he handed the phone to me ,before he pressed anything ,so i blocked and deleted that as well .It is sad that some people think is ok to con normal hard working people out of their money and it so annoys me


  15 мес. назад
Awful stuff,almost as bad as the one urging people to,pour bleach into their keyboard to kill the virus.
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  15 мес. назад
I've had this one but you can see the PayPal address isn't correct and it never addresses you by name, which genuine PayPal emails always do.
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  15 мес. назад
I get them all the time, saying they are from my Pay Pal account
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  15 мес. назад
Sadly, there are always people that fall for things like this!
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