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  14 мес. назад

Qantas will be making it compulsory for International Travelers leaving/visiting Oz to be vaccinated against Covid-19 before being allowed on the plane. Would this change your mind about travelling on Qantas?

New terms & conditions are to be implemented across Qantas for international travelers, stated Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce on Channel 9's A Current Affairs program, with proof of covid-19 vaccination being required, once its available.

"We will ask people to have a vaccination before they can get on the aircraft,” Joyce said. He doesn't discount the same for domestic travel but said that "we will have to see what will happen with Covid-19."

Provided the vaccination was proven to work, & was safe, plus did not have any negatives associated with it, I would see this as a plus by Qantas. I have no doubt other airlines would follow suit if profits were up as a result of Qantas implementing this rule.

If you flew with Qantas before/consider flying with them in the future, would a compulsory covid-19 vaccination rule by the airline, encourage or discourage you to fly with Qantas?


  14 мес. назад
Not often that I agree with Alan Joyce, but I think that he’s right this time.
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
Probably not and not thinking of going overseas anyway. I think it would be a bit much to insist on this for domestic travel though plus we don't know whether any of these vaccines are going to work.
2 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
It is their rules so good on them.
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
A sign of the times if we want to fly.
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
Dangerous and hard times makes for hard decisions....I don't have any problem with this.
2 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
I cannot see a problem. If you are anti vaxer then what gives you the right to jeopardise other lives and If you are then don't travel with others - stay away from everyone. Simple solution.
Joyce was reasonable saying it is a wait and see situation. It certainly would not discourage me from flying as I will have the vaccine when it is proven safe and effective.
2 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
Can not go on a work site in thongs and shorts, there is a dress Code.
Cant go to the RSL in anything you want, there are Rules.
If you are prone to Heart attacks , You loose Your Driving license.
Can't have an open BBQ on a Fire Ban day.
You must swim between the Flags.
Public Beach cant go Skinny dipping.
Joyce has the right to say, "NO Jab No Flight' He is boss.
Yes We have Choice, we also have what is called, "Duty of Care."
Duty of Care over rules Right of Choice.
So for those who complain, get with the program.
3 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
I don`t have any issues with this.Alan Joyce said yesterday on the tv news that in order to take an overseas plane trip you must have proof that you have had the virus vaccine.I remember many years ago having to have a vaccine to fly to some Asian Countries
2 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
I don't see it as a problem and would prefer this.
I'd say all will do it eventually or it will be a condition of entry to a destination.
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
As T has said I think you’ll be lucky to enter any Country without proof of vaccination anyway. Probably Qantas have already had talks with other Airlines and know it’ll be pretty well No Vaccination, No Entry...There are Countries you can’t enter without proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever. It’ll become the norm in the future and that’s a good thing. I know Anti Vaxxers won’t like it but I guess they will have Quarantine times for those who don’t agree on being vaccinated. By then we’ll probably have better and quicker testing and hopefully quarantine would be well down from 14 days....
3 комментарии
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