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  14 мес. назад

Where will you be spending the holidays over Christmas?

We are being told to stay in your state and have a " staycation " to spend up big and support your own state.

Why not support all Australians in all states?
So with this narrative what will you be doing?

Staying at home - no holiday
Spending a holiday in your own state
Flying to another state


  13 мес. назад
0 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
We will be staying in our area but having Christmas at the beach.
2 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
It will be in Surfers Paradise.
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
Once I get the jobs done on my car, and my new teeth paid off, when I get them, then we may go away, we have not been away for over 5 years now, miss traveling our wonderful state. It was easier when we used to travel as Poko was born to travel, and was a very obedient dog, and well behaved, would not run off, but Snow Ball and Montana are not so obedient, and more likely would run off, because they do love people. Poko would sit in the middle of us whilst drive was driving the camper van looking out in front, and also loved watching the driver
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
I will be staying at home. Probably driving to Mum’s to pick her up for lunch. Hopefully will have time to relax. Hope you do too.
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
No Idea my christmas day plans have already been ruined. And all depends on if I can get time off. Will probably just go visit my brother at some point and just staying at my house and taking it easy if i do manage to get some time off.
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
Christmas morning at home with Mr FY, brunch with my kids and grandkids at eldest son's home... then back home with Mr FY for who knows! I think we need "quiet time" this year... well, that's after the grandkids anyway!
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
Staying at home but will try to take a staycation in the new year.
1 комментарии


  14 мес. назад
NO IDEA ! Que Sera Sera .. whatever will be wil be.. lol ! How about you Mazda?!
2 комментарии
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