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  13 мес. назад

#MyFavouritePlant - earn up to 1,000 points!

Good afternoon Influencers,

How are you? I hope you all had a great Easter weekend with your loved ones!

With lockdowns gradually lifting or soon to be in the future and as we're slowly able to reconnect with the outside world and nature, I have a fun content creation event with you!

Create a topic with the title #MyFavouritePlant and share your favourite plant at home or in the garden that's helped you to feel in touch with nature during the turbulent troubles of the year gone by! Tell us how long you've had it and why it's your favourite. Don't forget to include a photo of your plant in the topic!

All posts can earn a minimum of 500 points and a maximum of 1000 for the best ones! To get you started, I'm sharing my favourite at home - my palm plant!

What are you waiting for? Show us your green-fingered beauties!

Influence your world,
Toluna Team


  13 мес. назад
I love cactus. I love the different shapes and colour flowers they grow. They look great on a little corner shelf and the giant 1s are great to put in an wxtebsion or porch way. They give my home a lovely character and hopefully thieves would think twice about climbing through the window with all of them prickly plants.
1 комментарии


  13 мес. назад
A nice indoor fern is always a winner for an indoor plant - adds green to the room
0 комментарии


  13 мес. назад
My Pink Magnolia is magnificent when it bursts in beautiful Flowers and when they go the Foliage covers the branches.
0 комментарии


  13 мес. назад
I have white and pink orchid that just blossom so happy :)
have a great day
0 комментарии


  13 мес. назад
I love my roses
0 комментарии


  13 мес. назад
My fave plant in the garden is just coming into bloom, Dicentra Spectabilis or more commonly known as the Bleeding Heart.
0 комментарии


  13 мес. назад
my aloe vera plant its been going for 11 years such big leafs and also great for healing
0 комментарии


  13 мес. назад
My Chinese Money plant - it was a tiny thing when I bought it online a year ago but has since at least doubled in size and sent out little plantlets from underneath. I like it's quirky shape. Used to have something similar years ago.
0 комментарии


  13 мес. назад
My orchid because a very dear friend gave it to me.
0 комментарии


  13 мес. назад
My snake plant! Survived being left alone in uni accom for about 5 months and is still thriving
0 комментарии
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