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  12 мес. назад

Do you think weather conditions have an impact on our happiness?.

I spoke with my Dad today and he told me hes a little down today because the weather where he is has changed to light rain, cold and dull. It stops him from wandering around his garden but also from walking along the beach because he says the wind is just far to blustery for him. He is 87 close to 88. I think he does has a point, i also think the weather can have an impact on how we feel, when the sun is out its bright and warm and we are able to do gardening, dont have to wear coats, its just a much nicer feeling. Although i will add i thoughly enjoy the rain, i also like walking in the rain but i dont like gardening in it, whats your thoughts
Hope you are all well and have had a good week so far


  12 мес. назад
I do like the contrasts and vagaries of our climate, even if I do moan. Days and days of rain and grey skies have a depressing effect. If you want to work in the garden and it’s raining, it can be frustrating, especially if you have plants ready to go in.
1 комментарии


  12 мес. назад
Ah the sun does lift the mood Sue , not to hot but thats as bad rain or wind as thay plays havoc with pains .......hope your father gets the weather back again soon as its quite depressing when we see no
ice weather then it goes cold again !
1 комментарии


  12 мес. назад
Oh yes; the sun out always makes people feel better, and cold grey or wet days (unless you are a farmer desperate for some rain) is always a mood lowering day
2 комментарии


  12 мес. назад
Yes it is always a down on ones mood.
1 комментарии


  12 мес. назад
I'm not fond of wet and windy weather ~ the dogs are not keen either !
Bring on the sunshine !!
3 комментарии


  12 мес. назад
In all honesty I do find that om lathargic in winter but my mood never changes Im always happy hun
2 комментарии


  12 мес. назад
Weather affects all sorts of things Sue. Last weekend, on and around the 24th, tropospheric ducting and 'sporadic E' ionosphere reflections were causing continental VHF radio signals to reach our inland parts... That is very unusual outside of the hotter days during summer.
4 комментарии


  12 мес. назад
goodness me yes in Glasgow we are known as Rain town. that is why we are a nation of fatties as we sit in and eat all the time haha
1 комментарии


  12 мес. назад
No, the weather does not really affect me!
1 комментарии


  12 мес. назад
The weather does affect how people feel Sue, SAD is a real condition and for those that suffer with it quite debilitating. The weather has changed here, and this has put a damper on my spirits, but as we head into summer things should improve.
2 комментарии
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