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  5 мес. назад

Staycation Review: Waterford

Last week, I spent two days in Waterford. It was amazing! I absolutely loved it and we were so lucky with the weather.
We stayed in Waterford City, in the hotel 'The Tower'. It was fantastic and we were so happy with everything. The reception, the food, the cleanliness, the space, the facilities and the rooms were amazing. It is a great location and close to everything. As we checked out, we even got a €50 voucher to be spent in any of their hotels (four in Ireland).
On the day we arrived, we did the Greenway. We rented bikes and it was close to the hotel and access to the Greenway. We ate in the hotel on the first night and it was delicious. We went down the city then for the night. It was fantastic considering it was only Wednesday and a weekday! A great atmosphere.
On Thursday, we ate breakfast and went on a drive to Dunmore East and Tramore. The weather was fantastic and the two places were unbelievable! We ate lunch before heading back to the hotel to use their pool facilities.
We got ready and ate down the city. Again, it was delicious and we were very impressed. We sampled their cocktails of course before heading back to the hotel for a night cap in their lounge.
We were sad to leave it Friday but we will definitely be back soon!

I have attached a picture I took in Dunmore East.


  4 мес. назад
Did you had a nice time?
1 комментарии


  5 мес. назад
Oh my God that's amazing. I've relations in Dunmore East and I've never seen this but they wouldn't be into photography. But fair play to you to get that amazing photo.You are a great photographer Patricia. I love the calm sea green colour, it's like something you would see in the Bahamas.
1 комментарии


  5 мес. назад
oh wow that was a nice touch- the 50 voucer
1 комментарии


  5 мес. назад
Looks stunning, I went to Ardmore Farm last week with the kids and it was fab.
1 комментарии


  5 мес. назад
Looks fab Patricia. We were on a day trip to Waterford last week and enjoyed it thoroughly. Looking forward to going back. Thanks for sharing!
1 комментарии


  5 мес. назад
yea waterford is a good spot now to holiday in
1 комментарии


  5 мес. назад
1 комментарии


  5 мес. назад
Thank you for painting such a positive review of Waterford. I am so happy that you had a lovely time.
3 комментарии


  5 мес. назад
Gorgeous colour of the water! Glad you had a great time.
1 комментарии

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