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  7 мес. назад

What I'm #GratefulFor - earn up to 1000 points!

Over the past year, focussing on the positives rather than the negatives has become more important than ever but looking on the bright side of things is usually easier said than done. Whether we're stressed at work, worried about loved ones, or facing financial difficulty - it can be easy to become blindsided towards the things for which we should be grateful.

Yesterday, 21 September, was World Gratitude Day, so we'd like to take a moment to reflect together on our appreciation for what we have. After all, in doing so our brain releases “a cocktail of dopamine and serotonin, feel-good neurochemicals that make us more optimistic for our future,” according to Chloe McNiven, a neurolinguistic programming coach.

So, if you'd like to join us in this moment of self-reflection and earn some bonus points - read on!

Simply create a topic with the title #GratefulFor and tell us what you're thankful for and why. Don't forget to write at least a few sentences and include a relevant photo or video! Your topic could be reflecting on something great you experienced today, a good deed that someone has previously done for you - the choice is yours!

P.S. there may be extra bonus points for those include a tip on how they work gratitude into their daily lives ;)

I look forward to reading all of your posts and would like to remind all our members that we're thankful to have you here with us!

Influence your world,
Toluna Team


  6 мес. назад
#GratefulFor - I am grateful for Jesus who died for me
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  6 мес. назад
for my life
0 комментарии


  6 мес. назад
For life
0 комментарии


  6 мес. назад
#GratefulFor my life, having a job and a being able to provide for my family
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  6 мес. назад
Gratefull for being alive
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  7 мес. назад
#GratefulFor my life & of my family,I've lost a lot of my loved one's on the covid waves but to able to see my family still intact I'm forever grateful,it's not easy at times but being together everyday & seeing life in them makes me truly happy and hoping to do better while they are still around
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  7 мес. назад
I'm grateful for my baby boy who was born Feb 2021. It was a rough pregnancy but we both made it out alive and healthy. He's 8 months old and thriving which brings me so much joy
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  7 мес. назад
grateful for the gift called life and everything that comes with it good or bad
0 комментарии


  7 мес. назад
For life and its offerings
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  7 мес. назад
I'm grateful for the gift of life including my 2 daughters that God has blessed me with. I experienced lot of difficulties in my life but now when I look back I consider myself blessed, beyond the tribulations I faced in my youthful years.
I had my first daughter when I was 17 years and doing my Grade 12 (matric). I was scared and disappointed. Scared in a sense of how my parents will take the news and react to my situation. They have been very strict and taught me and my siblings to stay away from any kind of trouble, but then here I was pregnant! I became disappointed in myself and even though of killing myself but I end up not doing it.
Luckily I managed to continue with my Grade 12 and passed with Merit. I managed to go to university and obtain my National Diploma in Public Management. There after I got a job and managed to take care of my baby. After long 14 years of being a single parent I finally found the love of my life and we got married and now we are blessed with another beautiful girl. We named her Lesedi, meaning light. Even though my life is not perfect but I've learned to appreciate everything God has provided for me and will always be grateful for life. Because being alive means there is hope for tomorrow. #Greatful for future.
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