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  9 мес. назад

Covid And My Last Poll!

So many people believe in the vaccine, personally, I do not. It is proven that it causes many health issues and fertility issues. It also does not work. My sister got the vaccine and then got covid, so now she is at risk because the vaccines are technically experimental and they do not come out of the experimental phase until 2024. Anyone who has taken any previous covid vaccines has jeopardized or made their life insurance policy void by taking experimental drugs as life insurance policies state you can not do that. If you do not believe me go google or ask your life insurance rep. The government just wants to take our human rights away. We should have a choice to get vaccinated we should not be forced. I respect everyone's opinion. Let me know yours but please be respectful


  9 мес. назад
People like you need to understand this "the vaccine does not prevent you from getting the covid virus ".What it does is gives your immune system a boost so that if you get the virus you don't get deadly sick.Yes many people have gotten the covid virus and survived without having been vaccinated,but how many have also died. As for the vaccine passport all it does is give a false sense of security MAKE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE SAFE.
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  9 мес. назад
I agree with you, and we won't be taking it.
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  9 мес. назад can't really "not believe" in it, it exists, it's science, it's medicine, it's proven to WORK and be safe. I don't know where you heard anything about fertility issues, but that's not at all true and the vaccinations have passed at least 3 large scale clinical trials and thought they were not completely last stage approved until recently, they were never "experimental". The problem with letting people choose is a) a lot of people are misinformed, affected by disinformation or ignorant to the facts. and b) it's NOT a personal decision, a personal decision is what you eat, whether or not you get a tattoo, etc. because those things only affect you, getting the vaccines affects you AND literally everyone around you, it becomes then, a public health concern. By not getting it (which millions already have and we're all doing fine...but people would rather listen to widely disproven craziness?) you are endangering yourself and everyone around you, you are also being about as selfish as a person could possibly be, because you are essentially saying you're personal slight inconvenience is infinitely more importan than the health and safety of everyone around you during a global pandemic that has killed millions and continues to mutate (thanks again to those not getting the vaccine) and we're trying to stop.
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