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  9 мес. назад

Share your dreams with us!

Dear Influencer,

In honor of World Dreams Day on Saturday, we want you to share at least one dream with us. It could be a small dream to a large dream, whatever it is (as long as its appropriate), we want you to share your dreams with us.

If you share at least one dream with us, make sure to write at least 3 lines about it and you will have a chance to win 2,000 points.

You have until Thursday, September 30th at 11:59pm to enter.

Who's ready to share their dreams?

Influence your world,


  9 мес. назад
One of my dream is to own a fully managed farm as an investor as part of my legace plan for my children. This farm would be on an international market and offer double digits returns on a monthly average basis.
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  9 мес. назад
Dream..I dream about winning the lottery. I don't have to win the big jackpot, but just enough so that my husband and I can travel and give enough money to our children to make their lives comfortable and worry free. I also want to be able to help out all the charities, especially the ones in Mexico. Mexico has been hard hit by the pandemic and there is much suffering.
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  9 мес. назад
My biggest dream would be to step out of my writers block and successfully finish an entire book/story. As well as being able to publish and share my stories.
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  9 мес. назад
one of my dreams is to have lots of money. I would love to be rich and buy anything and everything i want. hoping that dream comes true sooner than later lol.
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  9 мес. назад
My biggest dream is to go to Greece and see the statue of Athena, which is the same name I have. I would like to visit the island of Patras, that is where my fathers family is from. And possibly meet some of my relatives too. This is probably my only real dream that I have. But not likely to happen at my age now. But thats what dreams are for.
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  9 мес. назад
My dream would be to travel to Asia. I want to go to more than one place and live in the backcountry, not just the tourist spots. I don't think this will happen anytime soon since it's too much a hassle for me wirh the 2 little ones but maybe when they are older. We traveled a lot before kids and I would love to do it again
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  9 мес. назад
My lifelong dream has always been to be an actor, or do something in the entertainment industry. I got a pretty cool break back in 2015 doing voiceovers for a pretty big YouTube channel called TheRichest. That lasted about 4 years before they decided to move on to a different voice. It was nothing personal, they just wanted some fresh voices, but I took it kind of hard and it kind of made me withdraw a little bit and I didn't apply for many jobs after that. Recently I've been trying to get back into it, but then Covid happened! I think it's really important to follow your dreams in life, because you don't want to go your entire life wondering 'what if?'. I will keep applying for jobs and trying to find an agent, and continue my efforts to make a living in entertainment! I just love entertainment - consuming it, making it, and I just want to be able to live a comfortable life doing what I love :)
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  9 мес. назад
I have more than one dream, but my largest one is travelling the world. To make my dream become true I should win the lottery and, also, I should wait until the end of the pandemic.
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  9 мес. назад
I dream of a world of peace where every country or race or religion accept the values of all others and work together to bring harmony to all living on our planet. The same holds true for animals who deserve peace on earth as well.
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  9 мес. назад
My dream is to see our two daughters down to a reasonable weight. Both are presently obese and this worries me immensely. Also, I dream that everything comes back to a normal state. Covid has been hard on everyone and it is time to see things coming back to pre-Covid period.
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