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  8 мес. назад

Share your dreams with us!

Dear Influencer,

In honor of World Dreams Day on Saturday, we want you to share at least one dream with us. It could be a small dream to a large dream, whatever it is (as long as its appropriate), we want you to share your dreams with us.

If you share at least one dream with us, make sure to write at least 3 lines about it and you will have a chance to win 2,000 points.

You have until Thursday, September 30th at 11:59pm to enter.

Who's ready to share their dreams?

Influence your world,


  7 мес. назад
I would love to live in a log home.
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  7 мес. назад
My dream is to win the lottery!!
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  7 мес. назад
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  7 мес. назад
My dream is to be able to travel world. I want to learn how other people live and I want to learn about other cultures. I have always had a deep interest in learning about other cultures but I want to actually experience it and not just read about it.
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  7 мес. назад
To be able to give my mom money to live in her house as a senior
0 комментарии


  7 мес. назад
My last and final dream to is have a second home in Florida or Italy. can’t wait as I have 15 years left to work until retirement. If this does not pan out then a Corvette will do!
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  7 мес. назад
My dream is to reach the Moon or Mars or another planet and live there. I am curious to experience life on another planet.
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  7 мес. назад
My dream is to win the lottery and buy or own home. Just have enough money to give to our kids.
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  7 мес. назад
My ultimate dream is to travel to New York city to go to a Yankees baseball game and also visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown!!!
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  7 мес. назад
My dream last night was weird, I was at work up on a roof doing construction work, and all of a sudden the wind picked up alot, & one of my co workers yelled out, "THERE'S A TORNADO COMING RIGHT AT US"!! So we all tried to get to the ladder at the same time but only room for one, so most of us were outta luck! Just then the tornado hit the building & us, it us all up into the funnel cloud, as I could see the top of the funnel getting closer & closer as if it was about to throw me out at the top of it. It threw me up and into a nice big white fluffy cloud, and I was so comfortable I fell asleep, just to be woken by my alarm!! I was in my fluffy white blankets & pillow not a cloud! Lol
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