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  8 мес. назад

Long Lazy Weekends on Toluna are here! #BonusPoints

Hey Influencers!

It’s time to get comfy! Kick off your long weekend on Toluna for a chance of winning lots of points. We have a special limited time game, a survey contest, and a fun content contest.

The first content contest is an opinion contest - Happy Hour on Toluna (all weekend long).

Comment below on our topic by choosing one of our “specials” from our happy hour menu. Write at least 3 lines about the special you chose to get bonus points! But remember, you must comment before the end of the weekend, Sunday, November 21 @11:59pm.

Happy Hour Specials:

Your favorite TV show | 200 points
Your favorite stay at home outfit | 400 points
Your favorite restaurant takeout food | 600 points

Are you ready? We can't wait to see what you share.

Toluna Team CA


  8 мес. назад
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  8 мес. назад
My favourite TV show is "The Masked Singer" which is a reality Singing show, which is shown on Wednesdays at 8 pm on CTV. This show is interesting and exciting because the contestants are famous celebrities who perform on stage in costumes to conceal their identity and is unmasked when voted off and their true identity is revealed. This week is the season finale and I am looking forward to enjoying it.
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  8 мес. назад
#BonusPoints: Happy hour special, my Favorite Stay At Home Outfit in winter is usually jeans and a sweater because I always feel cold when I am just sitting around. But in summer it is shorts and t-shirt as it gets too hot when gardening.
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  8 мес. назад
My favorite restaurant takeout food would be Italian sausage veggie crust pizza, Hawaiian pineapple stylish pizza, chicken burger, crunchy french fries, mouth-watering garlic bread which can be all bought from one of my pizza restaurant outlets - Boston pizza !
I particularly love their surrounding vibe inside the restaurant, the variety of the dishes served in the menu, the great place to hang around with family members, reasonable prices for the foods, and more. Finally, Boston pizza does have a lot of branched outlets near home that are accessible easily whenever I want it without questions.
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  8 мес. назад
My favourite restaurant takeout food is stuffed-crust meat lover's pizza from Pizza Hut in Toronto. My family always wait for a special occasion or when Pizza Hut has one of their promotions of buying a pizza at regular prize and then get each additional one for $5. We take that opportunity to throw a pizza party with extended family and friends and order each pizza off the menu to suit everyone's taste. It is a cheap way to throw a party so that you don't get stuck in the kitchen preparing food all day and it is an easy clean-up afterwards. Plus, everyone loves pizza.
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  8 мес. назад
My favorite take out restaurant is Flying Tiger in Windsor, On. It is a Chinese place that specializes in take out. Their dinner for 2 feeds 4 with leftovers. It was 19.95 but I believe it is $23.95 now, which is still a super de, super tasty, includes cold cana of pop and is open till like 4am (you feel me!). Deliscious!
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  8 мес. назад
Ok so loungin' outfit. Women's hands brief panties and any clean tshirt and my furry/leather slippers with the rubber sole (can't remember the name but Costco has them at Christmas time and you need to snag a pair, they sell out every year. If I have to take out garbage or get the mail or something i forgot In the truck; I just pull the panties low on the hips and pull the leg holes down and they look like booty shorts! Everyday!
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  8 мес. назад
I love taking out Chinese food because its indulgence brings me happiness of bliss
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  8 мес. назад
My favorite restaurant takeout food is sushi from Sushi Boat. They have such a great selection and huge variety. The sushi is always fresh and tasty.
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  8 мес. назад
My favorite restaurant takeout food is Boston Pizza. They have the best pizza. Great happy hour specials. Friendly staff. Dine in. Delivery. Pick Up service.
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