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  9 мес. назад

Nuclear subs

The French have nuclear subs, why not upgrade with them?? One has to wonder how long before our new / second hand nuclear subs are out on manoeuvres and an accident happens, where nuclear fuel somehow is exposed to the conventional missiles onboard giving them nuclear power, each one can now unleash hundreds of Hiroshima atomic bombs in a flash, how the hell did that happen? Or just as plausible, perhaps they were left there by the previous owners. Smithers and Burns all over again??


  9 мес. назад
Not only do the French have Nuclear Subs but the ones we bought from them are Nuclear and are being redesigned at great expense to be Diesel at our request.
So instead of building the subs here even with a Nuclear Power Plant the crowd of Idiots wants to wait till either the UK or the USA sells us some at some point in the future while we have no way to either fuel or run them and hope the crew we stuff onto the first one doesn't cause it to be destroyed and contaminate the area it sinks in.
Remember Taylor said "We Do Not force Future Governments to do things we want them to" so I'm assuming that either he like his leader is lying or he is about to go into every Cabinet Meating and argue against any plan that lasts longer then the next election time frame. Of course when he doesn't get his way he'll naturally resign because like everyone else in this Government he has Principles right?
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  9 мес. назад
Being a lefty the french git was using our union way of building things just go on and on and on way over time and the bludging bastard was raking in all the over budgets with the unions take their share of that cream, been doing that for 60years sucking our tax payers money, fargone has been watching the way Australia does things, thats the main reason he wanted the contract just sit back and suck the trough dry.
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  9 мес. назад
The Aussie government does not have the classified engineering information to upgrade the french subs is why
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