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  1 мес. назад


Happy Hour Specials:
Your favorite candle brand.
Happy Hour on Toluna in Long Lazy Weekends #BonusPoints

My favorite candle brand...? They are many nice and scented candles, that I love to burning in my home,- in different rooms, in different time and for different occasions.
I love to do it, - to put all - that are in my place,- (people, children, animals),- "in the moods" and change their feelings, relaxed and leave everything from their life outside of the house for another day).
I like very much few of all candle brands,- but You ask for favorite one, so I will only share with You my favorite one.
One, that I can put on the top - it will be definitely "Nest" Fragrances.
One from many amazing,-(that they offered),- and I will share my favorite scent from "Nest", - that will be: "In Ocean Mist & Sea Salt".
It is easy to Order on - for $16.00
That candle has a burn time of 20 hours.

Feel that ocean breeze, - even from the comfort of my home,- with this heavenly scent of the essence of gentle ocean mist and hints of a sea salt, combined with white tea and coconut.
Wonderful experience worth to try.
This brand got also lots of different scents for different people - and for different occasions, - to try.


  1 мес. назад
i seen them on Amazon, going to see if there in stock. Ответить
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  1 мес. назад
I love candles, and I hold no favourites. Remember, you need a photo to get the points, and you can have a do-over. Ответить
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  1 мес. назад
oo never heard of these, but I'm always on the lookout for new scents to try! Ответить
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