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  1 мес. назад

Today Is Small Business Saturday. Do You Plan To Shop Local?

We are going to one of our favourite local businesses, a gourmet kitchen store. We love supporting them and they have the best selection of kitchen cooking items. Today they are also offering to sharpen 3 knives free of charge. We invested in good knives many years ago and regularly get them sharpened so this is a bonus. Of course I can't resist buying when I go there so I know I'll come home with more than sharpened knives!


  1 мес. назад
No Ответить
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  1 мес. назад
no shopping for me i got everything i need till the new year. Ответить
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  1 мес. назад
I did not go out at all today. I have my own sharpener, but i think you got a great deal! Ответить
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  1 мес. назад
No, the weather was quite bad today and I had no time anyway. I would have loved to support them. Ответить
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  1 мес. назад
Since I used to have several small businesses, I always try to support them myself if at all possible...doesn't really matter what time of year it is, if I'm in my own town or visiting another smaller area with local independant shops, I try to get a little something from a few places. I know how much it means to people running their own shops, and if I can help out, I'd like to do that! Ответить
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