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  4 мес. назад
This Government of ours has been very slack indeed, my next door neighbors daughter had been trying to get some for some time, as she had introduced a policy into a doctors surgery that she is in charge of, that all doctors and staff must do a rapid test before starting work, as many doctors like many other health care professionals work across many places and not just one, and they want to cut the risks of COVID down. Not everyone who was not vaccinated are anti vaxxers, some could not be safely vaccinated putting their health at risk, if they had the vaccines
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  4 мес. назад
My chemist told me from what they have heard so far the paperwork and red tape involved will not be worth being a participating chemist
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  4 мес. назад
Cute mouse.
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  4 мес. назад
Free as from 24 January I gather but as to whether we will be able to find any that is another question.
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  4 мес. назад
No he did not lie he said all pensioners could have as many rats as they wanted.
Only issue is that they would be small rats that he picked up from the plague in the bush and the pensioners would have to wait for them to grow into Big Rats. Granted at the time he was making mention of Rapid Antigen Tests but he in no way implied that what the pensioners would get where those as he did say Rat.
Lots in Au at the moment they are running around in Plague Proportions out west and Slo Mo has finally figured out what to do with them to make some money.
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  4 мес. назад
It doesn't start until January 24th, so I'm not sure what you mean?
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