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  4 мес. назад

Abortion Laws

Abortion laws vary widely among countries and territories, and have changed over time. Such laws range from abortion being freely available on request, to regulation or restrictions of various kinds, to outright prohibition in all circumstances. Many countries and territories that allow abortion have gestational limits for the procedure depending on the reason; with the majority being up to 12 weeks for abortion on request, up to 24 weeks for rape, incest, or socioeconomic reasons, and more for fetal impairment or risk to the woman's health or life. As of 2022, countries that legally allow abortion on request or for socioeconomic reasons comprise about 60% of the world's population.

Abortions are legal in Canada like in South Africa and require no legally compelling reason (such as rape or health risks) so long as they take place before the gestational limit, which ranges from 12 weeks to "24 weeks + 6 days" depending upon province and territory. Abortions were banned in most cases until the year 1988, when the Canadian Supreme Court reversed the laws that once made abortions illegal. Abortions fall under the services covered by Canada's national health care system. Provided the abortion is conducted in a regular hospital, the patient is not charged. Abortions performed in private clinics may require the patient to pay medical costs.

I’m really concerned about women who abort babies as old as 5 months and leave them by the toilet, what I saw yesterday was unbelievable. A woman was caught leaving a baby which was wrapped and she was bleeding, she actually asked a lot of tissue when entering the toilet that how she was suspected. She left the baby dead and he was like about 5 to 6 months fetus. Why people are like this is it this laws that legalize abortion or what ? You own opinions are welcome

She said she aborted the child because it was not for her husband, she was afraid that her husband would find out. The matter is just worse now


  4 мес. назад
It's really scary what yo saw,some people are brave Hy. Ответить
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