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  5 мес. назад

Smartphones: Dirtier Than Toilets – Here’s How to Keep yours Clean

Generally, we think that our cell phones are clean and free of germs, but the reality is your smartphone is dirtier than most things we consider as “Dirty.”
We practically live with our cell phones 24×7, but how many times do we clean it? No, merely wiping it does not get rid of germs. Our phone is perhaps one of our dirtiest possessions, even dirtier than toilets.
Here are some objects that are cleaner than our phones.

Public toilet
The soles of shoes
A pet’s eating bowl
Kitchen counters

Out of 92%, bacteria on your phone screen, 16% are E.coli bacteria found in feces which causes infections. E.coli causes diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal cramps. These germs also include influenza viruses, which cause respiratory problems. Taking your phone close to your skin causes acne problems. The screen is usually warm, and bacteria thrive and transfer not just to our fingers, but also the face, including the eyes, nose, ears, and lips. All these double our chances of getting infected.

Every time you use your phone, you are adding more germs to it. Agents that lead to dirty phone screens are:

Your sweat: sweat contains many germs and microorganisms and when you talk too long you tend to sweat and transfer bacteria and germs to your phone screen.
Using it in the washroom or restroom: Places like the washroom are full of germs; when we use phones there, germs stick to the body of the cell phone. It is an open invitation to millions of germs, especially when we use public toilets.
Using it before meals: If we do not wash our hands before meals, we are transferring bacteria to our food and other objects.
Using it in public transport: In public transport, we have to touch many surfaces like seats, rails and handle bars where thousands of other people have also touched them. People who travel via public transport have more chances of getting germs on their phones.
Using it after playing with pets: All of us love our pets; they are a vital part of our lives and we often touch them many times a day; we have germs from animals and birds on our phones.
Placing it on different surfaces: Most of the surfaces like a desk, table, kitchen, and washroom shelves contain dust particles and germs on them and when our phones get in contact with them become dirtier.

Steps to sanitize cellphones
Turn off your phone and disconnect it from power.
Remove your phone’s case if it has one.
Combine equal parts rubbing alcohol and warm water in a bowl.
Wet a microfiber cloth with the solution and wring it out thoroughly.
Rub the phone’s surfaces thoroughly with the cloth to remove germs.
Dry any remaining moisture on the phone with a clean towel.
Clean rubber or leather phone cases with the soapy water.

All pretty disgusting. How many times do you sanitize your phone. I very seldom do, I normally just wipe it with a cloth


  5 мес. назад
Never thought of using sanitizer to clean a phone, thanks
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  5 мес. назад
Yuck , thanks for sharing
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