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  6 мес. назад

Selfcare is #ToLove yourself - Achieving self-love through wellness

Practicing self-care isn’t always easy. Most people are busy, juggling work, childcare, and other family commitments. Or maybe they're just caught up in the regular “life” tasks and managing from day-to-day.

Regardless, learning to make time for yourself, to take care of your health is vital. If you put off self-care until later, you may never get to it - so start taking care of yourself now.

Here are some self-care habits that can have a positive impact on your life:

1/ Find a Fitness Habit That Works for You
To make exercising a regular part of your life, try to make it a habit built around one of your others: attach a workout to your morning routine, your lunchtime, etc.
Always keep in mind why you exercise. It is rooted in love; a love for the amazing being that you are.

2/ Your diet is an act of self-love
It’s impossible to talk about the importance of self-love and not talk about nutrition. Nourishing your body with healthy, nutritious food is a form of self-love.
Remind yourself that what you eat now will affect how you feel in the coming hours, to help you stick to a healthy diet.

3/ Prioritise good sleep
Though diet and exercise get the most attention when discussing health, sleep is an ultimate act of self-care.
Sleep can have a huge effect on how you feel both emotionally and physically.

4/ Have Fun
Show love for yourself in whatever activities bring you joy, rest, or relaxation, no matter how simple it is: take a nap, start that home hobby you’ve been yearning to try, enjoy the outdoors, or eat a favourite food.

Share with us your self-care rituals in the comments below!

The road to love is self-love!

Influence your world,
Toluna Team


  5 мес. назад
Self-Love it begins with you.. Put yourself 1st wake up every morning with positive energy do what pleases you before pleasing someone else..
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  5 мес. назад
It's good to put yourself first
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  5 мес. назад
By my self i wake up every morning say prayer wishing everyone in the world to have a blessed full day then i always incorage my self to be in good mind set honor my will to earth by sharing the love and passing the love
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  5 мес. назад
Self-care is important. one should prioritise themselves, do what makes them happy, put themselves before other people.
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  5 мес. назад
always put yourself first
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  5 мес. назад
Self care is highly important
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  5 мес. назад
yes self care is important
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  5 мес. назад
yes is very importent to take care of your self
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  5 мес. назад
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  5 мес. назад
We live in a fast paced society always chasing goals and dead lines, sometimes we forget to STOP. Its very important to stop and take and take care ourselves in order to live longer to enjoy what we are working so hard for. These four points really hit home with me. Ill most definitely treat myself better.
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