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  4 мес. назад

Whiners! I am so sick of people that whine and complain......that they can't yet go anywhere.

I got vaxxed, so I can go places. Essentially, I saved your life and others' lives! You, not being vaxxed is selfish and then whining about it?
Get a life......oh can't go out, because that's a choice you made! See ya, I'm going to the bar! Because I can!


  4 мес. назад
Before long no life...sad!!! Ответить
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  4 мес. назад
Enjoy! Ответить
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  4 мес. назад
It's over now, move on. My objection was/is that no government should force people to take a "vaccine" that they think has not been proven. I couldn't care less about bars, restaurants, gyms, etc., and I cut my own hair for the duration. Calling people who don't agree with you selfish is immature ans unhelpful. Ответить
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  4 мес. назад
this is how i felt through the entire trucker stupidness....everyone was given the CHOICE to choose freely whether or not they got vaccinated, they knew that CHOOSING not to, meant certain things, like you couldn't go to a crowded restaurant etc. that's called being an adult and making a choice. You can't choose NOT to get a shot, then complain about the consequences you knew existed beforehand...and THEN to call it "discrimination" how hard do we have to try to save other people's lives and keep other people's families safe, who don't even care enough to do the same? anyway rant over. lol enjoy your beer! CHEERS! Ответить
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