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  3 мес. назад

I have lots of junk food to eat , because I'm an idiot !

It's lucky that April is away this weekend , so she won't be doing Sunday dinner . Late afternoon yesterday , I decided to move the opened boxes of stuff from one freezer to another , to make room for the larger packs that are coming on Tuesday . All went well , until late last night . For some crazy reason , I'd left some boxes on the sofa ! As it was all thawed , I cooked some , and put the rest in the fridge . I now have the following , waiting to be eaten - an individual chicken pie , a steak and kidney pie , half of a spicy chicken pizza , and a home made curry ! I really am a special kind of idiot , aren't I ? ;))
Feel free to laugh / comment folks ;)


  3 мес. назад
Surplus food is a problem that many people in the world would like to have.
1 комментарии


  3 мес. назад
You're an enigma Steve, bon appetite.;-)
1 комментарии


  3 мес. назад
Yes. :))
3 комментарии


  3 мес. назад
Tut Tut Tut How forgetful are you ?
You will have to make up later in the week with a veg and fruit diet for the end of the week to make up for all that JUNK !!! LOL :-)
1 комментарии


  3 мес. назад
I could help with the pizza if you like. What a nuisance though, the sort of thing I'd do.
1 комментарии


  3 мес. назад
Hmm, it seems that food has an important place in your life given that you let it sit on the sofa. Perhaps it would be more healthy to relegate it to a dining chair or even a table in future? ;)
3 комментарии


  3 мес. назад
Oh no.
But things like pies - if they were raw in the first place you can cook them and then freeze the cooked pie.
Won’t be as good, but perfectly safe and better than wasting them or eating them all today lol!
1 комментарии


  3 мес. назад
only you could do it! what a plonker!
1 комментарии


  3 мес. назад
you will get very fat eating all that hun
5 комментарии


  3 мес. назад
1 комментарии

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