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  1 мес. назад

Can anyone recommend a good helmet?

After years of pounding the pavement, being target practice for cars & bikes as I cross the road not to mention the footpath and finally braving the heat, rain and cold better than any postie ever could, I have thrown in the towel - no more daily walking as exerxise for this little black duck - now its a stationary spin bike for me. In the interests of good bike safety I will need all the safety gear starting with a good helmet - any suggestions? We'll hopefully move on to the essential figure hugging lycra or spandex in a future post - I wonder if Coopers do bike sponsorships?


  1 мес. назад
Tin foil? Or is that for another purpose. Ответить
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  1 мес. назад
How about Riddell “Revolution helmet” ? Lol!!! Ответить
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  1 мес. назад
Well as the advertising used to say if you have a $2.00 head buy a $2.00 helmet. Didn't matter who the sponsor of the teams I ever worked for I always wore Bell Helmets as I being a lowly engineer had a head worth considerably more than what one of their helmets cost.
Caused a few problems with Sponsors at times but when it was pointed out I wasn't a driver just an engineer they ignored me particularly after I offered to take one of them for a drive if they wore their own brand helmets so I could find a brick wall to brush against.
Just one point though bike and car helmets are different and you should always wear the right helmet for what you are driving the bike helmet has a much deeper cut out at the back so if your head gets snapped back in a collision you do not break your neck. Not something that can happen in a car particularly now that they all wear Hans Units as well as helmets.
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  1 мес. назад
You need the lycra first before you can even get on the bike. Ответить
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  1 мес. назад
Never been into cycling. My exercise bike is near new and been sitting in the shed for years now. I can, however, advise on motorbike helmets if need be Ответить
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  1 мес. назад
Can't advise as I have never used one. Ответить
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  1 мес. назад
Funny I was only talking with my brother about spin bikes this morning. I have a treadmill that is not used because I have heal problems and Sam won’t get on it even though it was purchased for her! Is there a second hand treadmill market? Ответить
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  1 мес. назад
Cooper my Man does the fake bike have a baby maker crusher If so perhaps a cricket boss in the Lycra dacks
Probably have to rename it though
Perhaps Babymaker&baubles protector?
a BBP?
Over to you clever one
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  1 мес. назад
Mere male bought the state of the art one a few years ago and whilst shinning and new it was used by all inc my mm. However it lost it's shine and is shunned in the hall way all the while we put on our runners to go for our daily walks......go figure. Good luck with yours. Ответить
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