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  1 мес. назад

What job will our ejected pollies do after being ousted or retiring because they spat the dummy?

Clive Palmer: Whale decoy at Sea Shepherd to lure away the Japanese whaling boats

Barnaby Joyce: Australia's Mediator between Russia and Ukraine Fix this or he will stay until you do

Anthony Albanese : Weight watchers spokesman

Scott Morrison: Goodwill Ambassador to China ?

There's got to be others you can employ

And be nice you political animals of the Left and Right


  1 мес. назад
PM Sc0-Mo- I had a Dream
Beetroot Barnaby- Sings My Ding a Ling
Dutton- Remake of - A Dingo took the baby.
Clive Palmer - Money money money (ABBA).
Paul Kelly (Health) , A little JAB will do it. (yikes).
Honest John Howard (ex PM)- Deep in Recycled Rubbish.
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  1 мес. назад
Peter Dutton can organise the next Eurovision Song Contest in the Ukraine. Ответить
1 комментарии


  1 мес. назад
Used car salesmen or under takers for there roles in the pandemic Ответить
1 комментарии


  1 мес. назад
We could put them all in a big biomass vessel and use them as fuel for green energy production - that way they truly would make a contribution to addressing climate change Ответить
2 комментарии


  1 мес. назад
Yes, that job. Ответить
0 комментарии


  1 мес. назад
They can form the new Australian Theatre Company specialising in Tragedy. Ответить
1 комментарии


  1 мес. назад
Well we could shoot the lot of them and bury them in a mass grave and tell the Police when they eventually arrive that there was a collision with that Bus Load of Pollies and the only light pole in 100 miles.
I had to shoot every Pollie for their own good as I could not leave them suffering on the roadside with no light for the few days that it would take for the Ambulance and Police to arrive. When the Police ask are you sure all where so badly injured that it was that only thing you could do for them I'll say well every one said that they where fine after I euthanized the first one but you know what a bunch of liers that they are, not a single one can be trusted to tell the truth if you can see their lips moving.
Be the cheapest and kindest thing we could do for the lot of them. Not to mention stopping them continuing getting into trouble by being themselves.
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