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  1 мес. назад

The Brillo affair

I am not talking about a scouring pad and the washing cloth, it is the tax payer funded job for a mate leaving politics. Our very own Perott announced the $25Million flag pole possibly hoping the “plum” job that pays a paltry $500K per year in New York given to his mate Barillo would slide unnoticed by the adoring public who will pay for it. About now Parott will be wishing he wasn’t in politics, after covid he gave some people around his circle a pay rise for doing a great job during Covid, just forgot about the rest of the people, publicly stated that nurses were wonderwomen for not dying of exhaustion during Covid. Which brings us to today where he now he has transport workers, teachers and nurses all taking to the streets waving placards saying “A heart felt thank you doesn’t pay the bills, they are all wanting a few dollars more like Parrott gives his mates and he announced his own inquiry into the Barillo appointment which was a post dreamed up by Barillo / Perotty and initially a woman was given that position till Barillo and Perotty decided it should be filled by….. well not a woman apparently, I know I can trust Perotty to have an unbiased inquiry and just because he knew well before hand when they had a few drinkies together that Barillo wanted the plum job. Hey there Victoria, I will give you Parrott and all of his team for just your Dan the man any day. Bah Federal and state, all the pollies are there just to stick their heads in the trough running up the debt and giving themselves golden handshakes.


  1 мес. назад
Mission accomplished - another one bites the dust - At least he will have more time to spend with his family now that they flicked him, I mean resigned
2 комментарии


  1 мес. назад
Yes, snouts in troughs as usual.
0 комментарии


  1 мес. назад
Agree about all the snouts in the troughs, m.
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  1 мес. назад
Whenever the fox is entrusted to oversee matters relating to the henhouse.........................well we all know how that turns out
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  1 мес. назад
I wonder if he booked his ticket to NY NY and organised a place already? I I were him I'd cancel those arrangements - Goodness even the right wing media commentators are calling him out on this rort. He probably has some supporters on this board though so that will at least be some comfort
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