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Hi Bill! I have been having a laptop issue since I let it unattended for a few minutes, and one of my cats decided to walk on and then lay down on the keyboard. Not sure what she did, but I could not get it figured out. I tried to do a recovery to the previous day - twice - but kept getting a message that it didn't work. Each of those attempts took many hours. Yesterday, I decided to reset it to all the defaults which took overnight to finish, but it worked! Though now I have to set up and reload the programs I had / want. Good grief! Anyway, I did get your posts answered. We've had rain all day which started last night. Tonight we had some thunder and lightning (I don't believe we had any of that all summer.) Flash flood warnings are in affect until 5 p.m. Tuesday. Hope all is well with you. God bless you! 2 ч. назад


Hi. Bill. I just heard on the news about the shooting at the mall in Boise. Hope you weren't near the mall and you are safe. 7 ч. назад


Hi, Bill! I'm sorry they still haven't hired more people. Just a thought, companies here are advertising on Facebook and getting some results. I hope that helps. Please stay healthy & safe! God bless you, my friend! 7 ч. назад


Thanks for your message and good wishes, Bill, and as always, for your support. I am hoping that you were not near Boise earlier today, and that you and your family and friends are safe. I have never been to a hockey game in person. It must be very exciting, and is on my bucket list. I hope that you have a great week, and a great time at the game! 8 ч. назад


Just heard about a mall shooting in Boise. Don't know if that's near you or not (Idaho is pretty big) but hoping you and your loved ones are safe. 10 ч. назад


Hi. Bill. I got your new one and properly too. lol Yes the site seems to be working now. Biden's approval rating should be -0. He makes me sick with all his lies. Did you hear what disgusting Obama said about the student that was sexually assaulted in the bathroom by a transgender. He said the story was"fake and trumped-up" . He makes me sick. What would he do if it was his daughter. These people could care less what happens to the American people as long as they get their agenda passed. I flashed my debit card today at Texas Roadhouse. lol How did Boise State do in their game? I guess you saw how bad Ohio State beat Indiana. Indiana won't win another game. Hope you enjoyed the brainwashing .lol Have a good night. 11 ч. назад


Thank you for your message, Bill. Yes, lots of wind and rain, flooding, mudslides, etc all over NoCal. So far, I'm okay--I live in the middle of the state, and other than some street flooding and downed trees in parts, I'm good. We all knew this one was coming, and I think most were prepared. I'm glad to hear that your area is okay. Have a good week. 18 ч. назад


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