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Happy Fall
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Написал(а) Delicious... Just reading it spikes my sugar. LoL в тему #HappyHour26 1 дн. назад


Hi Scott,I'm glad you're still here but I miss your posts.But I don't post so much at the moment because I'm to busy.And it is really annoying with all those Trump supporters.You have to be careful what contents you put on here.But I already got a lot good advice from the community.That's what I love here.My hubby stained the floor in our dining room part in September and it was dry after a few days!Was just the right time with dry air and warmth.I got a little nice carpet for the bathroom what fits in front of the sink.Looks much better and you don't have to stand on that uneven floor around.I got that from "Try it" where I am member since some years and already got a lot free products for writing reviews.With that I am often busy.Our drain was totally clogged in the bath tub in late summer.When we used the faucet in the kitchen was bad smelling dirt coming out of the drain in the bath tub.They are combined,also the drain from the washer(old house,lol)So we plugged the drain in the bath tub for taking a shower and scooped the water out.We also stayed one night in the local Microtel again for taking a comfortable shower.Once the drains got finally cleaned it is working much better with the water going down.They apparently never got cleaned right.We have another cat here too since a while.He is outside and he is very nice and black,younger than our Milli.I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving,Verena 2 дн. назад


Проголосовал/а в опросе: Which of the following home care products have... 2 дн. назад


Проголосовал/а в опросе: Please select all statements that apply to you. 2 дн. назад


Проголосовал/а в опросе: When was the last time you purchased a product... 2 дн. назад


Проголосовал/а в опросе: When do you next plan to buy a brand new car? 2 дн. назад


Проголосовал/а в опросе: On this Thanksgiving, we want to share our... 2 дн. назад


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