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I’m a homemaker, wife and lifelong Southerner. An avid reader, I especially enjoy historical Christian fiction and mysteries. My mom gave me a love of history and a great start on researching my family genealogy. I love visiting historical sites and keeping abreast of history in the making. God has blessed our nation with a diversity of majestic mountains and canyons, sparkling lakes, waterfalls and oceans, lush green forests and southwestern deserts and I enjoy visiting these areas and hope to travel more in the future. My faith in Christ is my passion and I daily seek to serve him more faithfully. Though I often fall short, I am eternally grateful for his forgiveness and love. God loves each of us and he’ll never give up on you wherever you are in your life if you’ll just open your heart to him. I pray for God’s blessings for each of you.
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Hi Peggy, looks like you're taking a bit of a break from here and hope you're well. Glad to hear you were able to fix that heat pump; especially during a weather episode you're not used to. I heard about the heavy snow in parts of your state; I remember the Weather Channel mentioning Greenville having a record amount of snow. Perhaps a genuine life size snowman should be in order for you :-) Overall I'm doing fine here and in good health but unfortunately 5 of my coworkers are now on quarantine for 5-10 days and am very concerned this may get even worse in the near future. Just hoping and praying all of us worldwide will get through this very contagious variant soon. Take care and have a good day. God bless you! 3 ч. назад


Hi Peggy...Happy Wednesday:) 5 ч. назад


Hi Peggy☺ My birthday was nice, but quiet. My daughter mad me cherry pancakes for breakfast, and that night we went out to dinner where I ordered chicken francaise and cheesecake. As for the Celebration of Betty White 'movie', it didn't happen. We had about three inches of snow, but the show wasn't until 1 p.m. The roads were clear, so we went to the mall, and when we get there, a lot of people are outside of the theater... hmm? I see the gate is down, and it's dark inside. I called the theater to see if a recording would offer any info, but no. Someone else called the mall manager who had no idea. About 20 minutes later, someone came by the theater to let us know that the theater manager just called back, and the theaters would be closed. If tickets were ordered online (this is the 1st time I ever ordered movie tickets online), refunds would occur automatically. Unfortunately, this was a one day only event. I was quite annoyed. Soooo, what shall we do? My husband is no working overnights, so he was hungry, and I had a free breakfast coming from Perkins for my birthday. We went there; it wasn't busy. However, they took my name and said it would be a few minutes... interesting. About 10 minutes passed and we were called. The waitress informed us that all the waitresses and cook called out (I don't know who was cooking then, but our meals were scrumptious), so service would be a little slow. We didn't care, but this poor woman was running ragged. Hubby left her a 30% tip because he felt bad for her. No Betty and a two hour meal, but things could be worse, so "be thankful," I tell myself☺ Good to hear that you got your heating system fixed without having to pay someone. We got heating oil last week, and that's gone up 40 cents a gallon since the last time we got it in September. Currently 17 degrees here. Has your temps gotten back to 'normal'? Have a wonderful Wednesday! ~Blessings♥ 13 ч. назад


Hi Peggy....Happy Tuesday:) 1 дн. назад


Hi Peggy....Happy Tuesday:) 1 дн. назад


Проголосовал/а в «оценке»: Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 2 дн. назад


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