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Other - leave a comment below or create a topic with your opinion
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  Body Mass Indexing was initially papered in 1972, in a time when life was different in nearly every way. Evolution happens for a reason.. Though it has been used for decades as the go-to measurement for health based on body size, it has been widely criticized for its oversimplification of what being healthy really means. In fact, many claim BMI is outdated and inaccurate and shouldn't be used in medical and fitness settings. Just to add even further context, BMI is derived from a simple math formula. Lambert Adolphe Jacques Quetelet, a Belgian astronomer, mathematician, statistician, and sociologist, devised it in the 1830s. Everyone is individually unique via our DNA, however, whilst BMI maybe ageing somewhat, and flawed in its categorising of many in to the under or obese weight range. BMI is useful when studying populations and trends, and it can give a rough idea of a person’s health and weight status. For now, it is probably the best guide we have. It may be more important to follow a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise to prevent gaining excess weight in the first place.


  An 19yr old female I know, was told she’s obese because of her BMI now she has stopped eating. She is not overweight she is tall and is big boned. I think this BMI needs to be either scraped or re-examined. In my -early 20’s (20yrs ago I was a healthy 8st and because of my height 5’2 I was classed as over weight. I too have big bones (thanks to my ancestors!) even though I was a regular gym user and have always eaten healthily.


  this is a very complex subject and failure to assist such sufferers is often down to whether they want to be cured or not - if people lose the will to live they'll end their lives one way or another -need to make life worth living for everybody! I am a recovered anorexic and i learned a lot first hand-could write a novel about it but important thing is i got a handle on it myself even when there was very little NHS help

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